Now! 2001 District 4A-2 Members.

We finally did it...we are growing.  Congratulations 4-A2 Lions!!!

As of today, we are +43 Lions, for a total of 2,001 Lions in the District. Once again, this does not include the Lions that will be added once Gov Dean and Guiding Lions Maryanne Sayers and Cindy Aguilar get the new Clovis club up and running; we already have another 14 new members that will be added to our District totals from that group down the road.
Why do I point out the significance of the Clovis club totals NOT being included yet? Because this was what I asked of you at the start of our Lion year, to get our District back above 2,000 Lions without the formation of another club. I wanted us to do it the old fashion way....expand membership in our current structure, hold onto the Lions we already have and you guys have officially done it!!
The work is far from over, I know we will still have drops in membership, I know our numbers will dip up and down around 2,000....but we have broken that ceiling for the first time this Lion Year! Please give yourselves a quick round of applause (because Lions dont clap) and then give yourselves a huge, huge LION ROAR!!
When I asked the other day about any new members because we were flirting with the mark for two days at 1,999 Lions, Gov Dean said he had one in Ponderosa, and knew of some in Diwata and Fresno Pride. I also got a call from Lion Kevin, who said Caruthers had 2 last week and 2 this coming week; he was going to confirm with his Sec if they had already added them to the system. I knew we would clear 2,000 this week even if we dropped a couple more overnight.
Please share the news with everyone in the District! Keep 'Growing Stronger Together', fatten the pride, we need more garras on projects (Spanish for paws).
The new challenge, the latest double-dog dare, lets not just break the 2,000-Lion mark, let's kick the hell out of it! You've got this 4-A2...let the big dog eat!! Well, I guess we can modify that saying.....LET THE BIG LION EAT!!!

Semper Fidelis,

WORK WEEKEND coming at Bearskin Meadows Campground

Friday, May 22 — Monday, May 25, 2015 (or a portion thereof)

It is time to wake camp up from her winter slumber and we need your help to do so! In exchange for full tummies, a beautiful setting and lots of camp magic we hope you'll join us complete some of the following tasks:


You MUST pre-register via this website in order to attend! 

Questions/Concerns? Contact DYF at 925-680-4994

  1. Bearskin Meadow Camp DYF
    Click Here for Directions
  2. Camp
  3. Address: 65000 10 Mile road Kings Canyon Rd, Miramonte, CA 93633


Join a Fun Outing and help others as "WE SERVE"

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  • MD4 Convention in Visalia in February
  • Operation Friendship in Ensenada in March
  • Distrcit 4-A2 Convention in Cayucos in April

3rd Quarter Newsletter

The third quarter 2014-2014 "ROAR" newsletter is out for you information and includes much information about what is going on in Lions in the district including Registration for the cabinet meeting including the International Food Faire , hotel registration and golf registration. 

Also there is information about the4-A2 Convention registration and the MD-4 Convention registration.