Cabinet Meeting


First District Cabinet Meeting Letter from the Governor

1st Cabinet Meeting

Gov Anthony T. Martinez

Hello Lions, Lionesses, Leos and Guests,


I wanted to thank everyone who was able to join us in Fresno for our District’s First Cabinet Meeting.  The two-day event was a great time and I am counting on that being an indicator of what’s to come this year.

lgOVERNOR aNTHONY mARTINEZ AND fRESNO hOST lIONSLion Cindy Copner-Aguilar and the Fresno Host Lions organized the event and did a great job!  The weekend began with a trip to Chukchansi Park for a Friday night Grizzlies game.  Our Lions enjoyed all-you-can-eat hotdogs, hamburgers and soda in the picnic area inside the stadium; a few of our Lions were still going back for seconds, thirds and fourths almost two hours into the game!  The weather was nice, the game was exciting and the post-game fireworks were a blast.  Although this was a first for our District, our current 1VDG and 2VDG were already asking about repeating this in the coming years.  Thank You Fresno Host!

Day Two brought the business of the meeting, which began with the installation of our Cabinet of Officers by visiting Governor, Erv Gon, from 4-C5.  Lion Erv did a nice job with the installation, especially after I put him under the gun when I told him he was replacing my friend, the late Governor Robert ‘Bob’ Howell.  Lion Erv knew that Lion Bob would have been my installing officer had he not passed away last year.  I told Lion Erv he was standing-in for a 62-year-lion, who had 60 years of perfect attendance.  Erv said, “thanks for trusting me with this honor.”

Once the installation was over, we had a short break and then began with Lion business.  A difference from previous cabinet meetings was the methods and messages.  All Lions who spoke, were asked to keep their messages brief and clear, we didn’t want reports simply read to the membership.  Also, Lion Lydia Martinez supported multiple reports with overhead pictures and graphics while the presenter spoke.  Thank You Lion Lydia! 

One new approach, we got to hear how the Northern Region gets things done.  Region Chair Christy Kroell gave us a nice report for the North.  Gone are the days of telling us about membership numbers and ticket sales…Lion Christy profiled some of the clubs in the Northern Region and highlighted some of their successful projects and fundraisers.  It was bragging time!  At the next cabinet meeting, in Lemoore, it will be Western Region Chair Rosendo ‘Bob’ Casas who gets to tell us about the West.  For you Western Region clubs, please share your activities with Lion Bob.

Our Lions were also treated to talks from two candidates for International Director.  Lions Howard Hudson and Derek Ledda each spoke about Lionism and why they want to be International Director.

My guests for the weekend were 4-A1 Governor Kent Christensen on Friday and 4-C5 Governor Erv Gon on Saturday.  2nd VDG Al’s guest was 4-C1 2VDG Jamie Hart.  Our guests had a nice time, were complimentary of our district and are taking some of our 4-A2 ideas back to their own districts.  Thanks for making them feel at home while visiting 4-A2.

For the 150 Lions that joined us for the weekend events, thank you.  For anyone who missed it, sorry, you missed a good one.  We are looking forward to more exciting times at our next two District events, New Member’s Night on Thursday, October 9, hosted by the Caruthers Lions and the 2nd Cabinet Meeting on Friday-Saturday, November 21-22, hosted by the Lemoore Lions.  I promise you that both the Caruthers Lions and the Lemoore Lions know how to put together a great event.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  I am also looking forward to hearing about your clubs as I start my club visitations.  Let’s keep ‘Growing Stronger Together’.

Semper Fidelis,

Gov. Anthony


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